Kevin's Biography
Kevin Baker grew up in the Portage Lakes area south of Akron during the late 60s.  When he was seventeen he had a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit walking home after a night of partying, and was born again in his parent’s home.  He was baptized in the Holy Spirit thirty days later in a nightclub in Kent on a Sunday afternoon, where some hippies were holding church services. Though he had been quiet about his faith before this encounter he began declaring his new found faith in God from this point forward. Several months later he opened the Antioch Christian Coffee House, which was an integral part of the Jesus Movement of the early 70s in the south Akron area.

He has been a public speaker since his teenage years and has been an ordained minister for the last ten years.  He is a singer, musician and song writer and has played in worship bands in America and overseas.  Across the last thirty-five years he has ministered in numerous churches and fellowships where he led worship, taught bible studies and preached.