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February 3, 2012

I’ve spent some time pondering decisions. Every day we make decisions. Some decisions take little thought, while others may require a lot of research and “soul searching”. ‘What shirt will I wear today?’ does not take the same amount of thought energy as ‘What career do I want to pursue for the rest of my life?’

Some decisions are made once and remain until another decision is made. Most of us have made a decision to go to work every day and we will get up and go to work every day until we decide to retire or change jobs. We do not wake up every morning and decide if we are going to work that day. That decision has already been made and we go to work.

Sometimes not making a decision is a decision. We hesitate and avoid making a decision until it is taken out of our hands. Often, we hesitate for fear of making the wrong decision until someone or something makes the decision for us. We cannot decide if going back to school is the right thing to do, so we hesitate until the deadline for acceptance has passed. Years can go by as we “try to make a decision”. Indecision can be a decision in itself.

Some decisions are made for us; they are not ours to make. When you are handed a layoff notice at work and told your job has been eliminated, that decision was made for you. You did not decide to quit working; someone else decided that for you.

Some decisions have far greater consequences than we expected. Kevin never thought his decision to tear open a computer to access the hardware nearly twenty years ago, would lead him to a career as a security officer. I’m sure the man speeding home, never thought his high speed would cause an accident that took his life.  Seemingly unimportant decisions can change the course of your life.

 Some decisions cannot be undone. Sometimes when we make a decision, we do not have the luxury of undoing that decision. A decision to jump off the high dive into a swimming pool cannot be undone once you are in mid-air.

Some decisions must be followed up with smaller supporting decisions. The decision not to get any more speeding tickets, must be followed up with smaller supporting decisions; such as, the decision to leave for work on time. Many larger decisions must be followed by smaller supporting decisions.

 We are faced with decisions every day, every moment really. One of the most important decisions is the one to make Jesus the Lord of your life. Make that decision once for all. Once you have made this decision, it has consequences lasting into eternity.  Not making Jesus the Lord of your life is a decision to spend eternity separate from God.  This decision must be followed up with smaller supporting decisions, like attending church. Don’t wait until Sunday morning to decide if you are going to church. Make that decision once for all and then follow through.

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On Tuesday, February 14, 2012, Debra Stallings said
Shari, excellent way you have of putting your thoughts to paper (or computer - lol). You go girl! Love Debra



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