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The Year of the Congregation
February 29, 2012

As we head into the fourth year at FFM, we’ve heard Pastor Kevin say, “2012 is the year of the congregation.” Do you know what he means by that? I wasn’t sure, so, I’ve talked about it with Kevin and put a lot of thought into it. The answer is not quite as simple as you might think.

One thing it implies is that this is the year that the congregation “catches” the vision of Faith’s Foundation Ministries.  Kevin preached on the Vision of FFM on our anniversary Sunday (I encourage you to listen to that sermon again – FFM Third Anniversary) and is teaching about this during the Wednesday evening Bible Study. The vision statement is as follows:

Faith's foundation is the person, the word, and the work of Jesus Christ.

We declare that these indivisible qualities of Jesus Christ are the transforming power of God in this age. Our vision at Faith's Foundation Ministries is to walk in the love given to us in Christ, and to live and teach the Word that Jesus made flesh. We endeavor to be a gathering where believers are added daily and where people build their lives on eternal truth and the manifested Power and Presence of God.

The foundation of our faith is Jesus Christ. It is through our faith in Jesus Christ and His love in us that our lives will be transformed. To “catch” this vision means to begin to live in this truth.

Another thing that is meant by the year of the congregation is that we believe 2012 is the year that the congregation begins to “build” the church. Kevin and I speak a phrase over one another, “Build the people and the church will build its self.” If we work on building personal relationships, the church will build its self. I personally struggle with this area. I genuinely love people and have a heart to minister to them. However, because of past baggage, I struggle to build relationships. I’m afraid I’ll hurt you, or you’ll hurt me, so I tend to hang back and not engage. (I’m learning that often I am causing more damage by doing this and I have some amends to make)  I have shared this point on a personal level, but on the corporate or congregational level, this is how church becomes more than a building, it becomes a family. It is through the personal relationships, one member to another, that our church family grows. I encourage each one of you to take a moment next Sunday to begin building relationships with your fellow church members. Take a moment to say hello to someone you’ve never talked to before. The very idea of speaking to a someone I don’t know scares me, so I know this won’t be easy for everyone, but let’s just see what God can do with this!


On Sunday, April 15, 2012, Helen Johnston said
Amazing how often I hear you and Kevin speak of "our" beautiful church this way. I love our church and am so blessed to have been lead to you and Kevin.

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